My big sister called me and told me that she hadn’t had sex in 2 years! omg!

Why would a beautiful woman go without sex?

Now I currently don’t have a man in my life and it’s driving me crazy. I don’t know about you but I need sex! I feel sex regulates the hormones, now with that being said I’m not saying you should sleep with every Tom, Dick, and Jose. If I haven’t had sex for a min. I tend to be vulnerable, especially in the winter. Sometimes  when the wind blows a cool chilly breeze in my direction I crave romance. I yearn the touch of a man. I know that may sound crazy but it’s true. I desire to be in one of those romantic movies.You know, Where your sitting curled up by the fire under a blanket with your boo, drinking a glass of cognac. He leans over and give you a passionate kiss. The kind that makes you feel loved. He slowly caresses your body with his strong hands. He stares into your eyes with intensity, at which point you know he wants to give you something more. Your heart rate is increasing rapidly, beating so hard you can hear it. ((( CAN YOU PICTURE IT )))

It’s been a long to since I have had passion in my life.

The holidays are coming and I know I am going to be a lonely mess! I guess I better ask Santa for a pack of rechargeable batteries.

what do the lonely do at Christmas time?


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