hold on im on the phone boo

ImageI was on the phone with my sister last night. We were going down memory lane, but it must have been “memory road” cause we didn’t get off the phone until after 3am. We reminisced about being kidnapped to living down the road from where a serial murderer abducted a little boy from his bedroom. We discussed all the men in our lives to those crazy ass friend,( most of whom are no longer friends.) I bought up those wild party’s and our chaotic clubbing routine. I’m just realizing all the friends I’ve gone through, and whats odd is that I have gone through just as many family members too. ” I guess it’s not true what they say: FRIENDS MAY COME AND GO BUT FAMILY IS FOREVER…

Of course she had to bring up my embarrassing events while on vacation, such as spring breaks from Daytona beach to Miami beach. I was young and addicticted to the street life! My mom told me one time that she was scared for me, being in the streets like I was. Tears came to our eyes after mentioning our mothers battle with cancer. She has been gone 4yrs but it still seems like I am in a dream. Sometimes if I have had one  to many drinks she will appear in my dreams! Maybe I should get drunk for Thanks Giving! (smile,not serious) Their were some laughing moments after we switched subjects regarding my crazy dead beat baby daddy’s. I only have 2 but damn both of them! (wait did I say I ONLY LMBO)

I have 2 kids and single , but I hope not to be for long… ( let me know if you know any good men.) I still have faith that I will find a man to share my life with.

I hope you enjoyed meeting me, because it was my pleasure. I just relocated to a new city and don’t know to many people, so maybe we can be friends… or not!!!


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