Get to know me B4 u form an opinion

I am kinda like a Black cat (I wont say which cat; cause It’s not that simple. I could be that Black Panther, mean and angry or a regular Black Cat calm and calculating) in the sense of how I am perceived. I can look mean,intimidating, aggressive, dominant, or even truculent. On the other hand some would say that I am Family oriented, Sensitive, protective, observant, unfiltered, sarcastic, with the possibility of  being a bit catty.
All perceptions!!!
I am a very upfront person naturally. I say what I feel instead of what Is intended. I speak aggressively but I may not mean it to be taken that way. My joke telling skills are of a sarcastic nature. I like having a great time with a group of people. I like being the Clydesdale of the bunch. I love crap talking but in the same breath I don’t want to do it 24-7. I am very romantic and sensual, with a big dramatic imagination! My life and the events that I have experienced could be a best seller if I ever became brave enough to become vulnerable.

Anyway… I will never understand people who can dislike someone just off site! If you don’t know me don’t judge me!

Why do women do that?


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