My home girl of 10 years called me about going out to party. The event was called “Soul Top Saturday”. I agreed, hell I was in the mood for a few drinks and she had already paid for the tickets. She sent me a pic. of what she was going to wear. I thought to myself this damn New Yorker trying to give Ms. Miami the business. Let me pull out my fab. life attire. I later shot her a pic. Around 9pm I called her, cause I was ready to get it in with those stale ass old men. I would have never paid the 25 dollar admission because of the crowd but hell, I didn’t pay for the ticket! She said she was leaving in 20min. On my way up there I was hit by a car that caused me to hit a pole.  I was devastated! I really didn’t know what to do after that. I contemplated calling the cops but I didn’t have INS. This may sound stupid but I went on to the spot, fucked up truck and all… I really needed a drink at that point. I get there and that mother fucker didn’t even show  up! WOW!

Later I was informed by my homeboy that she called him selling me out. That trick told him that I didn’t get into an accident. She said how can she get in an accident and she wasn’t even drunk. WTF!!! What she didn’t know is that he saw me and my truck and the bruises on my shoulder and knee. I started to bang on her door and curse her out, but I decided then and there she wasn’t worth it. I stopped fucking with her after that. In the past I had over looked a lot of bullshit coming from her (lies she told on me and everybody else. One time she lied and told that same friend that she hired me as a home health aid. She paid me $900 and I never came back to work. that was a bold face lie! I would never work for that lying ass chick)

Do you think that I did the right thing or should I have rang that BELL? What if it was you?


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